Select Overview

SYL Select Lacrosse Program Overview

5th/6th & 7th/8th Grade town-based competitive youth lacrosse program.


SYL Select Lacrosse Program offers additional playing opportunity for the more experienced and committed 7th & 8th grade and 5th & 6th grade players. Select can enhance their love for the game and improve their lacrosse skills through competitive games with like-minded, talented players from surrounding towns.

The Select Lacrosse Program is a natural extension and is fully integrated with the traditional MYL Town Program and is guided by the same mission and goals of the MYL as a whole.  The Select Lacrosse Program practice & game schedule does not conflict with the MYL Town Program weekly practice & Sunday game schedule.  Players choosing to play on an SYL Select Lacrosse team MUST also play on their town’s traditional MYL Town team as well.

Keys Points:

We established the Select Lacrosse Program for the following reasons:

  • Improve the overall program and positive experience for all involved in the SYL
  • Enable more experienced middle school youth players to play together on a unified town team
  • Simplify parent/player travel & carpool logistics w/ local practices/games
  • Improve the competitive level of lacrosse, competition & capabilities in all players, teams & towns
  • Stay in sync with, and complementary to, the mission & goals of the traditional MYL Town program
  • The Select team is a tryout based process

It is important to understand that this is a substantial commitment and one which allows the opportunity to play a lot of lacrosse in the spring. In most cases, it is not feasible to play on SYL Classic, Select, and to also play another sport during the same season. Classic teams will typically have 2 practices per week with 1 game (typically on Sunday afternoon). Select teams will have an additional practice on Thursday plus a game each week (Friday or Saturday).  It is also important to note that Select players must earn their playing time and that the “equal playing time” philosophy of the town program does not apply to the Select program. The athlete who displays the greatest effort, attendance, and skills will get priority playing time - just like in HS.  That said, it is our hope that each player will consistently display their best and will receive playing time because of it. There is no tryout fee. However, in addition to the SYL Classic registration fee, the Spring Select team has a additional cost if they make the team.